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Voltz 3.1.1 will be promoted to RECOMENDED this afternoon.


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The newest update for Voltz, 3.1.1, will be promoted to RECOMMENDED this afternoon.
Sadly, this is almost certainly going to necessitate a COMPLETE WIPE of your existing Voltz worlds!  TAKE BACKUPS BEFORE YOU UPGRADE!
Calclavia has provided a new list of mods to include in this Voltz release.  Please note that Mekanism has been removed from the pack.  However, many mods have been added:  Buildcraft, Extra Utilities, Forestry, Galacticraft, Mad Science, OpenComponents, Open Computers, Project Red, Railcraft, and Thermal Expansion (among others.)  Also, the existing Calclavia mods have seen many exciting changes!
Please note there is a hard Java 7 requirement on this pack.  If you get an error NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/ReflectiveOperationException then you're not running Java 7.
See >this Technic post for information on how to upgrade to Java 7.
The server is available here.
The Voltz 3.1.1 complete list of mods:
- Additional Pipes v2.6.0-BC4.2.1
- Applied Energistics rev14 finale3
- Armor Status Hud v1.15
- Autoutils 1.0.1
- BSpkrsCore 5.3
- Buildcraft 4.2.2
- ChickenChunks
- Chisel v1.5.0fix
- codechickencore v0.9.0.7
- CoFHCore v2.0.0.5
- ComeCloser v0.3.1.5
- Custom Branding v1.0
- Ender Tanks v1.7d
- Extreme Vanilla Optimizations v1.0.0a
- ExtraBiomesXL v3.15.7
- ExtraCells v1.6.9d
- ExtraUtilities v1.0.3c
- Forestry v2.3.1.1
- Jammys Furniture Mod v3.2.9.2
- Galacticraft v2.0.13
- ICBM v1.4.2.246
- InventoryTweaks v1.56-b77
- Iron Chests v5.4.1.702
- Mad Science v1.00.166
- Minechem v5.0.5-rc1
- Minefactory Reloaded v2.7.9
- Mobius Core v1.2.1
- MFFS v3.6.3.91
- Modular Power Suits v0.10.0-91
- NEI Addons v1.10.4.64
- NEI Plugins v1.1.0.6
- notenoughcodecs v0.1
- notenoughitems v1.6.1.8
- NoVoid v1.6.4
- Numina v0.1.2-55
- openblocks v1.2.8
- OpenComponents v0.2.0.44
- OpenComputers v1.2.12.379
- openeye v0.5 
- Open Mods Lib v0.5.1
- Opis v1.2.2
- powerconverters v2.4.0.18
- powercrystalscore v1.1.8-9
- powersuitaddons v884
- ProjectRed build 19
- Railcraft v8.4.0.0
- ResonantInduction v0.3.1.332
- shetiphiancore v1
- slick-util
- Smooth Bedrock v1.0.9
- Thermal Expansion v3.0.0.7
- Treecapitator vR09
- Universal Electricity v3.1.0.114
- VoxelMods
- Waila v1.5.2a
- WR-CBE v1.4.0.6
- zansminimap v1.6.4
There is NO UPGRADE PATH from previous versions!  Don't expect to import your existing worlds, MAKE BACKUPS BEFORE YOU DEPLOY THIS NEW VERSION.
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