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[3.2.2] Tekkit Classic server Separate location for PVP 15 slots

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I have a small server looking for a couple people to join. I would love to talk to you to and screen if we want you to join our server. 


Rules - 


1. The main spawn area is glitchy, and I cant seem to fix it. Dont break the invisible blocks or the server crashes. We  have waypoint locations available at spawn. 


2. One of the waypoints is called "Complex 1". This is a NO PVP area. All supplies in the area are shared, but please make sure to leave at least one item left so we can make more. Do not remove any machinery in this area. Feel free to use supplies, or food, but also help out with chores if you choose to stay here. 


3. One of the waypoints is called "Homes". This is a NO PVP area. All supplies are NOT shared. This is where you can feel free to build any house you want, and have your own supplies. You are welcome to share if you agree to it before. Please no griefing. no stealing. 


4. One of the Waypoints is called "PVP". This is where you can feel free to build, explode, destroy, and kill. When you get to PVP through the nether, there is a safe house. Respect the safe house all they way to the bottom of the stairs. Do not destroy the safe house, and do not kill people in the safe house. We are trying to create a fun environment for people to fight, and to work together!

5. Anyone who breaks these rules will be banned. 


There is a complete nether tunnel system that can be used to travel quickly

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