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itemduct not working


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Or mark it as output, but don't turn it on (that usually works best for me if machines are supposed to feed into those pipes).


Your second image link isn't working.


EDIT: Just noticed it's because your chest is full - double chests need to be filled in both segments to access all the space, that's why the bottom half of the chest inventory is full (that's the half the pipe connects to).  Use a single reinforced chest/DSU/reinforced locker instead and it'll be fine.


Move the obsidian from the bottom to the top of that chest and you'll be able to see this in action if you want to test it.

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Loader, I was under the impression that the left side of a double chest is the top portion, and the right the bottom portion, meaning the itemduct should be going into the top half. I understand your reasoning and i agree with it in this particular case, but was under the impression this was side related (direction related instead?) on which half gets filled.

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