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Question about ExtraCells and fluid import bus transfer rates


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Hi all

I am trying to tinker around with fluids in applied energetics. However, I may have stumbled upon an issue.


Testing the fluids in an ME network I made an iron tank (railcraft) with a capacity of 2'000'000 (that is 5x5x5, IIRC).

I filled it with water and then added a fluid import bus on one side. According to its GUI you can change the amount of intake up to 1000mb/t (meaning 20000mb/s).

HOWEVER, that is not the case. When I checked how the tank is being emptied, it appeared that only about 750mb/s were being imported into the AE network. That would be extremely slow (compared to what it said it would do in the GUI).

I am on extra cells 1.6.9c.


Do you experience the same?

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Sadly that depends on the 'Inventory' the liquid is in. For Example the fluid im/export Bus doesn't work well with a Tesseract... 


A solution to get this working is filling it first in an usable tank (Certus Tanks for example) and export from there (that is working), so now you only have to get 1b/t of liquid pumped into the certus to pull that out ^^"

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