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  1. Sadly that depends on the 'Inventory' the liquid is in. For Example the fluid im/export Bus doesn't work well with a Tesseract... A solution to get this working is filling it first in an usable tank (Certus Tanks for example) and export from there (that is working), so now you only have to get 1b/t of liquid pumped into the certus to pull that out ^^"
  2. The way I solved that is easy: Use a Drum filled with Steam. I used that in my SDF Reactor (Steam Digitalizer Fusion Reactor), works fine
  3. though... 3 Big turbines will give you the same amount of power or more precisely: one Big Turbine is enough to power one laser drill. So you can build my design, hook one big turbine on it and run the laser drill and gradually build more Big Turbines
  4. We'll... with my standard reactor of 1 Core 2 Rings 28 Steam Funnel and Output 21b/t Steam... you would use 10 big Turbines with each 37 blocks of Enderium. Each 2 b/t will be able to run a 24k RF/t Turbine and this reactor will generate 21 ^^ AS Turbines are lacking, they are just used as measurement, or you can use them as fill ins. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> here you can see my personal Setup on my Multiplayer Server...
  5. Name: SDF Reactor 1C-3R-44SF-O25.44 (Steam Digitalizer Fusion Reactor 1 Core 3 Rings 44 Steam Funnels Output 25.44 b/t Steam) Purpose of construction: Energy generation, self sustaining, high output How it works: The Fusion Reactor generates steam, which is gathered through Steam Funnels. From there the steam will be pulled out by Transfer Nodes from Extra Utilities and digitalized by several ME Fluid Import Bus from Extra Cells. Using ten 64k Fluid Storages as a buffer. The steam will be dedigitalized by a ME Fluid Export Bus and emptied into a 3 high ME Certus Tank, which is con
  6. I would recommend building a seperate ME network for the reactor. Most of that is used is from extra cells. You don't even need much, as you'll only need a network controller, fluid in/exp bus, a ME drive with installed ME 64k fluid storage (multiple is my advice, as this is your buffer so the smaller ones are not recommended either... I recall that a full 10x64k drive will last for a few minutes, full buffer required) and just for completion a fluid terminal: So basicly you need 3 ME blocks in a row, cables and the import/export bus (well a few of those bus thingies) The one chunk is an
  7. So I tested a few other setups, namely: (of course the 2 ring 28 spot configuration) 1. the funnel/fluiduct/tess 2. the AS turbine/tess I'll begin with my observations of number 2. It was surprisingly effective. Though you'll have to put up with drastic fluctuation and therefore the measurements/my numbers can't be overly accurate. Though the test period was quite long so at least the estimate is close to the truth: using a redstone conduit network over the AS turbines and connecting it to two tess will yield around 72k RF/t with fluctuation up mostly, but I measured down once as we
  8. That was a typo xD as I said from the beginning I have a 28 funnel Setup (note 1 and 2 are quite close). 28x360 are 10080. So thank for pointing it out, I flat out didn't noticed my mistake. So this is still about the double ring setup, with in each cardinal 3+5 spots. I'll edit it now to simplify and prevent further confusion.
  9. The problem with Fluiducts is: they cap at 360mb/t and you have the multiple output/connection problem. This is easily handled with Tesseracts. With this method you should consider to build a larger steam puffer in the form of multiple high tanks. Those can be attached via Fluiduct and Tank on Top for example, testing is the key. Again simple math: 28 output spots with 360mb/t each would be around 10 b/t, so around 120k RF/t --- in theory. It will be lower (probably), unless you can interconnect the pipes/tess properly with the buffer. As I can draw over 21 b/t from the double ring setu
  10. Well... that is valid, but the point in this setup is as followed: we have 28 spots on which we can attach a Atomic Science Turbine. The max output is around 4k RF/t. So the max output would be (theory) 112k RF/t. NOW the big BUT: The plasma heats non-regular and not all spots to the same degree. The result, not every turbine will run at 4k AND not continuously. Which means the 112k RF/t are more than a longshot... And since it is not constant it will fluctuate violently in the output and another point, you can't just connect all Turbines with one conduit system, as it will fla
  11. So a few screenshots from my Setup, not embedded I was to lazy to scale them... The simple single core ring setup: '> The top of the reactor: '> here you can see that the nodes are from the Extra U. Mod, if you don't like those hovering just above the reactor, you can easily slap a (best double) ME Certus Tank in between the Node network and the fluid import bus.... On a side note, this are 28 Nodes and 22 import bus, more import doesn't change a thing, the reactor creates something between 21 and 22 b/t Here is my test for Steam Demand network '> each of those turb
  12. As for the conversion rate on the AS Turbines, they are close and between 2,1138 and 2,116 placing one AS Turbine above a liquiduct (360 mb/t) generates 761 RF/t and on top of a 1b/t liquid export port 2116. I got that values by testing my Fusion/big Turbines Hybrid reactor complex But I think big Turbines are fine how they are, as soon as you can think they might be to efficient... you have enough materials already that efficiency barely matters anymore.
  13. I started watching the show again, I have a almost 1 hr constant ride from and to work... so I just pulled my collection on my tablet Sure but as soon as you want, you can (no meltdown yet) create an oversize yellorium reactor on 0% controll rods to just burn through yellorium and hook an automation on that reactor alone to craft turbine components and maybe one laser drill with yellorium foci. Maybe not really efficient, but quite fast For now I'm quite happy with my fusion steam generator though... I want to create an most efficient multicore fusion reactor, which will be able to
  14. Ah my bad, I did not express myself properly: Yellorium Reactors, in my opinion, are still a better trade off in regards of material and power generation. As it stands, in Tekkit there is no shortage on Materials. So I think one should stick by the Yellorium Reactors normally. The second issue was for my fusion reactor design. Though as I already said, materials are not a real problem in Tekkit. what I like about big reactors is the fun in creating a size and dimension which suits your need. albeit... I had my fun creating this Fusion setup as well and even with building that F
  15. You can create a huge + with big turbines... but the setup is quite troublesome. With fluiducts you can generate a moderate amount, with a bit trial and error in addition you can get a fine 1800mb Turbine running per 6 funnels... well not on all funnel combinations, some drop as low as 1440 or even lower. So that is the output per tesseract. Extra util. will cap above a funnel at 1b/t and will 'only' need 49 speed upgrades on the node.... Though in some not always expected combinations you can pull up to 1800mb out of them with full upgrades, tesseract (with 1 pipe above it) and the
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