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you guys think they can add mods to this modpack.. like railcraft


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i think tekkit should add mods like railcraft, or newer version of it for tekkit lite, idk if the people in tekkit can see this i dont know how to contact them themselves but this is the best i could think of, maybe if we get enough talk going around about it, they would do a update ahaha. i would like them to update the game, i love tekkit and i tried FTB but i couldnt click with it but i liked how they are more up to date. most likely there might be a forum about his already but dont feel like looking loool. Anyways if theres a reason why there not please tell me or if there making a new modpack. thank you 

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Didn't even make it past the first line before my eyes decided randomly wandering the wall-o-text was easier and just as nonsensical.

But it's easy to tell this is yet another "Update <technic/tekkit classic/tekkit lite> to latest minecraft and add these mods as well because they're sooo much better!" thread.



Answer everyone else gets: Tekkit <classic/lite> is done and will not be receiving updates. The only reason they haven't gone the way of Technic SSP is the number of people who still play on old servers running the pack.

If you want an updated pack, play Tekkit.

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