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Can't reach server on a server that i do own


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I tested to host a Crazycraft server today and it didnt work (same issue). So apparently i CAN'T host ANY modded servers ;( ;( ;(


I really need help!

Does any1 might know what's going on?


I have reinstalled java and portforwarded again and it still doesn't work.

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I'm not adding you to skype, so no.


As for the issue, using your external IP on connecting to a server running locally causes unnecessary issues (it has to go out then back in, potentially getting stopped along the way)


If this is for testing or personal uses only, use the ip:, as this will is the loopback (callback, home, etc terms) IP for connecting to yourself.

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If you want others to connect, you will need to allow the application to accept inbound connections through all security software protocols that may be in place along the route. Meaning: Anti-malware, firewalls, modems, and routers will need to be configured properly. All of which can be found out how to do via google on port forwarding or adding exceptions to a particular security software.

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