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Unable to use Configuration tab on Tesseracts


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Windows 7 Pro, latest 64bit Java. Using latest stable build of launcher. 


Changes from regular Tekkit that I use:


Added OpenBlocks mod. 

Manually updated Big Reactors to latest version. 



I can open the tesseract GUI, but hitting the Configuration Tab causes instant "Server Shutdown"


I am playing on a Single Player world, in survival. 


Have played for a couple months, this is a new problem for me. 


This happens if the tesseract is sitting by itself, or on top of a quarry. It happens every time. 

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I have been experiencing a rare issue with Strongboxes as well. Looks like single instances of TE items can get corrupted in rare cases. It was also an "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" in my case.

Making another one usually solves it, as it is so rare that it won't occur twice anyway.


Still, all data points are useful, so you may want to submit that crash log to team COFH.

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