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Texture Pack not working


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Have you downloaded both the Tekkit texture pack and the vanilla one, unzipped them, mashed them together and zipped them back down again?

If you've done this and it still doesn't work, I have no idea why it's not working.


Sphax does not allow people to ship their mod texture packs with the vanilla included, so that people have to get the vanilla from his page and give him admonies.

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If you're on Minecraft 1.2.5, then you're not using Tekkit.

The only pack running on 1.2.5 still is Tekkit Classic. If you do run that, you require an entirely different version of Sphax, and also of the the patches. It should still exist, but you'll have to find it yourself.


Running Tekkit Main is recommended, however, for several reasons. So only run Classic if you explicitly want that one.

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