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Powering a reactor?


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It has to have deuterium and tritium as well as 10gj (the only thing powerful enough is a tier 2 or 3 battery) and then you pipe it to a tank and pipe it to the reactor chamber with fluiduct pipes + servos turned on. 

It takes 4 chemical extractors and about 50gj of seed power to get the thing running well, 2 chemical reactors focused on deuterium 2 on tritium. 


The universal electricity youtube page has a video showing exactly how to do it. 

There is a problem depending on what version your running though. Sometimes the turbines stop running because the water stops producing steam do to a chunk load error when you leave the chunk, or a block update error when you change a block in the chunk. It doesn't always do this but it does sometimes. 

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Ok so i've managed to get everything wired in however even though the plasma reaction is occuring it refuses to output any power.

Seems to be a hit and miss with charging.

One minute we will have a fully charged battery, then the next nothing, all the while reactions still happening.

Duplicated in singleplayer it works fine.

Is there some oddity i have set on the server?

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