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  1. You pipe it out the bottom with fluiduct + servo into a void pipe
  2. Yeah, makes sense. The whole mod is broken in .332
  3. And things get weirder, things in the chunk are just being deleted some how
  4. It has to have deuterium and tritium as well as 10gj (the only thing powerful enough is a tier 2 or 3 battery) and then you pipe it to a tank and pipe it to the reactor chamber with fluiduct pipes + servos turned on. It takes 4 chemical extractors and about 50gj of seed power to get the thing running well, 2 chemical reactors focused on deuterium 2 on tritium. The universal electricity youtube page has a video showing exactly how to do it. There is a problem depending on what version your running though. Sometimes the turbines stop running because the water stops producing steam d
  5. It does the same thing with fission as well. Except it also adds in the fact that the cell won't cool at all. 3 rods, it instantly explodes. 4 rods, it explodes. Build a new reactor, destroy the water, replace everything, it instantly overheats and explodes. Without spinning the turbines any more. Is it just how broken resonant induction is?
  6. There seems to be a bug with turbines when interacting with the fusion reactor. For some reason, breaking any part of the reactor, even a wire to the power source, will cause the turbine not to spin any more, unless the server is reset. Is there a config that can fix this or is this just a bug that needs to be fixed?
  7. Hey, Contract_! This is Cody with Horizon. I just wanted to let you know that we plan on opening in a few hours! So if you're still interested feel free to check us out at hexxit.bxbservers.com and our website at bxbservers.com!

  8. GN: Contract_ Age: 23 Why would you like to join our community?Looking for an active server. Have you read, and agree to all of our rules? Yes. Do you know how to install the Hexxit Mod Pack? Yes.
  9. Good server so far, out of all the servers there are listed, this one has the most uptime.
  10. Title: Modular powersuits jetpack interaction with other mods Version: 1_0_3 OS: Windows 7 Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: When you use any type of vanilla enchanted pick axe, or when you try to go through the nether portal, with the jetpack upgrade in the power suit, it doesn't allow your enchantments to work/let you through the portal. Also interferes with 3rd party plugins such as MCmmo, such as not allowing you to use the super breaker mining ability. Also, in the dropdown box on here you only have 1_0_3. We are on 1_0_5. Error Messages: Error Log:
  11. Don't forget recyclers, nuclear power, solar power, wind power. There also is a lack of building materials, such as bricks, and lamps, as well as a lack of plant options, as it's only vanilla plants now. That's a good half of the things tekkit used to provide an experience for, and now there is of course some really good mods, but it feels like there isn't much else to do, after a certain point. There is no actual tech tree, and there isn't tiers of energy either. All of this combined makes for a very boring mod pack. So, IC2 and redpower are old and clunky, and are no longer going to be
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