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Voltz 3.1.2 how to drain toxic waste?


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I've been trying to find out the last few days on how to drain toxic waste out of a fission reactor but I can't find out how. I'm wanting to store the toxic waste in drums. Also why was vanilla sprinting removed?

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Dunno what to say, Tike.

You did it wrong.


Here's some guesses as to what might fix your issue:


- You didn't use a crescent hammer on the connection with the reactor. Make sure there's a red triangle on the connection.

- (Don't know if this is a requirement, but Contract_ seems to be an authority in this case) You didn't connect the Fluiduct on the bottom face of the reactor. If Contract_  is right, this will do it.

- You forgot to add a servo. It's easy to overlook, right?

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