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quarry question

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hey guys i have an issue with quarries on the server, when people are online in the server the quarries work fine, but as soon as no one is online they ignore the middle chunks and just do the outer edge, now we have bedrock in the outer edge and a few chunk islands in the center, i have to reset the landmarks and reset the quarry each time i log in now because the quarry thinks it is done, is there a way to get it to see these chunks when no one is online? we have tried chunk loaders but they do nothing

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Well i was in the middle of reading and about to suggest chunk loaders, but if you say they aren't working, then i cannot help you :P Quarries work fine for me if i place a chunk loader next to it and i havent had a problem with them. And if the Quarry thinks it's "done" when it completes the outer rim, but it hasnt done the center, then something is broken with the quarry itself, because if i palce anything inside and old quarry's boundaries and power it, it will begin like it normally would and remove the items. If repowering the quarry doesnt automatically correct its build pattern, then something it seriously broken. Perhaps browse through your config files and see if anything looks wonky at first glance. Otherwise, i can't really help you out, sorry.

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