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Map idea: complete the monument, with a twist


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This is an idea, as a suggestion for any map makers willing to give it a try, or a topic for everyone to discuss.

A) let's start with a classic "complete the monument" map, like the super hostile series by vetch.

B) some of the wool chests are protected by bosses or custom mobs from the better dungeons mod.

C) caution is taken in the design to prevent from "cheating" in key areas with the use of buildcraft/redpower/IC2 equipment.

D) after/before the monument is completed, some extra action must be taken related with BC/RP/IC equipment.

Example A: the wool are key pieces of information in a research facility. The player must restore power in the facility by fixing some wiring, access key places, then recover the wool, then set the self destruction (conecting a machine that overloads a nuclear reactor).

How's that for an starter? What do you say?

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