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New to Tekkit - better tools?


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Hi everyone. First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong board - this seems like the right one though!


2 questions:


I'm trying to find a way to craft better tools than the standard minecraft ones, but I can't seem to find them in the NEI, and googling sent me to the tekkitclassic-wiki most of the time, where I can find a "Diamond Drill", which is pretty much the type of tool I'm looking for. I can't find it in the game though (is this because IC is no longer included?) - so can you guys point me towards a "Diamond Drill" substitute?


The different mods in the pack uses different energy sources - are there any compatibility between mods, or do I need different power sources for each mod?


Cheers! :)


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Redstone Arsenal tools maybe. You need some resources for that.

Modular Powesuit tool is also great.


You only need Redstone Flux (Thermal Expansion, BigReactors) compatible power sources/transmitters and some Energy Conduits for the power distribution.

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Hi DrHolliday


Please do NOT use any "Tekkit Classic" wikis when using "Tekkit".

"Tekkit Classic" is a modpack which is based on a very much older minecraft version and uses a lot of mods which are not in Tekkit anymore. One of them is IC2, yes.

"Tekkit Lite" is newer than "Tekkit Classic", but still older than "Tekkit". You may be luckier finding some information in wikis which are for "Tekkit Lite".

The best choice is using wikis of the respective mod or for "Tekkit".


A possible answer to your question:

You have the usual minecraft tools (eg. wooden, stone, iron, golden, diamond pickaxe). You have some other metals (such as invar) from which you can do some tools. There is the redstone arsenal which allows you to make tools which use energy to work. You have a mod included that allows you to make a suit (Modular Powersuit) which can have several types of tools included.

However, there is no diamond drill anymore (such as in IC2).


As for Energy, as bochen415 already mentioned, you only need RF (redstone flux) which can be obtained by using Thermal Expansion dynamos or Big Reactors. There are still some options to make MJ power, however, that would only work on certain machines. You are way better off using RF exclusively (which does automatically transform into the needed types of power once connected with a conduit).

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