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Additional game textures?


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I threw these together awhile ago and sent them out to Frizzil, tell me what you think of them guys I mean if they aren't used main game at the least I can use them in a texturepack at some point. :)


(From Left to Right: Wand Alternate, Yew Wand 1-2, Bone Wand 1-2, Great Wand 1-2, Arch Wand 1-2)

I hope to make some of the weapon textures aswell.

If you think you can help out, post some textures here and we'll get a pool going, maybe Frizzil and the gang can pluck some out of here if they want? You never know maybe a texture of yours will be used! :D

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All of these are really cool! I would love to see some variation in the weapons. It's one of the big things I think HSM is still missing.

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the weapons just need the stats is all, I mean he could implement them to appear in the game fairly easily by adapting the code he's written already but idk if he's still taking finals who knows. All we can do is wait and hope for the best. :)

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