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Please help me!


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I got this problem with Sphax PureBD Craft 64x Texture Pack for Attack of The B-Team.
Every time I try to pick the Texture Pack i get a crash.
If somenone can write the "System Requirements" for the Texture Pack for this Modpack it would be very ussefull.
My PC data: Intel i3 dual core 3.6 GHz
                    4 GB RAM DDR3
                    AMD 5760 HD Graphics Card

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BrowserXL, he has 4GB max on his system according to the post. I doubt it'll allow him to assign 4GB or higher considering theres a physical limitation. Best bet I can guess is the launcher may allow him to assign 3GB max, which should still be fine even on a 32x sphax resource pack (anything higher and youll most likely run into OOM issues without turning down other settings) - also assuming of course the sphax resource pack was put together properly according to their instructions.

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