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so this mod hasn't seen usable changes in release in a very very long time. obviously this is due to pahimar's RL stuffs (baby, right?) and thus not anyone's fault or anything. however, he's still clearly working on it due to the bits and pieces of non-usables that appear occasionally, and this makes me curious...


has pahimar provided any new info compared to the FAQ on the minecraftforum thread? especially in regards to the EMC system, such as how to get it (passive generation method teasers/reveals?) and methods of using it... not to mention the piping he mentioned.


i'm supremely hungry for information about the mod.

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I have been wondering that as well, but unfortunately cannot provide any insights. As EE3 is only an alchemy mod now and works chiefly for matter conversion, the core function is already in there with the Minium Stone. Alchemical Chests and Bags are simply item holders, but will probably get some functions beyond storage, I guess. I miss the Divining Rod for ore prospecting, maybe that one is coming back at some point. And I'm curious what the Chalk is for.

With the development pace, I am a little worried about the 1.7 transition. Most active mods are in development towards that now, and I wonder if Pahimar can manage to keep up.

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divining rod is already in the non-usable item list in the current recommended build of tekkit, so that's coming back in some form at least. i have quite a lot of faith in pahimar's ability, once the whole RL thing calms down a bit i'm sure we'll see a massive amount of progress very quickly.

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