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John smith resource pack


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so i was just wondering if john smith supported tekkit since i use john smith in my regular minecraft so i downloaded a universal mod pack version of it and oh my god it looks beautiful! i love how some of the machines look, so realistic


but it seems not all textures are patched and there is some problem with the font


is there a fully patched tekkit john smith pack out there because john smith looks incredible 

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It looks like the John Smith pack is discontinued and we now have the John Smith Legacy pack instead. Which I could only find for Minecraft 1.7 so far. A universal modpack patch is here.

If that doesn't work properly for our 1.6.4-based Tekkit, you'll have to wait until there is an 1.7.x version. Don't ask when it will arrive, it's against forum rules to do that. Developers get grumpy when you press them for release dates.


P.S.: Some more information on pack status, from that thread I linked.

Just wanted to post an update now that we have downloads for the 64x packs on the website. Myself and TitaN65 have been hard at work creating textures for these packs. But please do understand that these packs are still a long way off completion. So it’s recommended to be applied over top of one of the original 32x packs.

Currently there are two packs in progress. The first one is JS:legacy 64x which is an up-scale of the original graphics of John Smith Legacy. The second is JS:Light 64x which is an up-scale of the graphics from the base of the modded pack John Smith Technician's Remix.

As of right now 109 out of 349 block textures and 153 out of 216 item textures have been completed, so there's still lots of work to do. If anyone would like to help by making textures that would be fantastic and would help speed up progress. Textures can be submitted on our git, if you can't work it out how to use github, just post here and someone will help you out.

I'll try to post updates about the pack at major milestones to keep people updated.

A contributor named Greenhawk837 wrote this.

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oh yeah i umm meant john smith legacy


yeah i got it from that exact link you posted, but it seems the font has some problems and some textures are missing



thats good news, i hope this guy and titan65 are able to patch all the textures


im glad their trying to patch all the textures

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While it's laudable that they are working to complete it, keep in mind that current work efforts will certainly focus on Minecraft 1.7 (if not 1.8), and disregard older versions. I am not familiar with most of the changes, but I guess this does spell incompatibility for current Tekkit, so it may fail to work even if the pack is completed. In which case you'll have to wait for Tekkit to make the 1.7 transition, as I hinted.

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