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Tekkit Lite including shaders


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What Melfice said. If there's a mod you want to add, chances are following their instructions will work. Actually, I guarantee it will work. I cannot guarantee though that there won't be any conflicts between mods depending on what is wanted, but this shouldnt be a problem.

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I found the requiered mods but still after doing the exact same thing like in normal minecraft, it still doesn't work.


One time i got the "shaders" Menu on tekkit but whenever i tried a shader my screen was black.

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Try setting it up in vanilla Minecraft first.


If you can make it work there, we'll "know" something is conflicting in Tekkit.

Whether that is the mod version or something else is the next thing to figure out.


If you can't make it work, we'll need a whole washing list of information from you.

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