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MEGA lag

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Server (for me) is very laggy only when i go near this arboretum that we have set up. WTF? everywhere else its not as bad, maybe 10 fps but near the arboretum it fluctuates between 0 and 1. what should i do? my internet is the fastest out of anyone i know so i dont think its a connection problem. I have also messed around with the RAM i allocate to tekkit. every option has the same amount of lag

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If it's near a farm/tree farm I would guess you just have the seed/saplings fed back into the farm, don't do that they produce way more than they consume so they'll overflow. Use a logistics pipe to split them off in a 7:1 ratio (7 out 1 in) (still tweaking) this should keep it filled but send the rest off to your chest network where you can deal with the overflow as you want.

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