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Names of Items you would like to see

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what are the names of some items you would like to see in the game, or names that should be added to the list that names items, If that makes sense.


reaching wand of toejam

porous sword of sponge

creepy bow of always-miss

things like that, thanks for you time. How wacky can you get?

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Floppy wand of misfire

Bouncy Breastplate

Too tight shorts

Less than manly running shoes

Pedophiles headpiece

Bow of phallic launching

Weed whacker

Thick wand of penetrating

The sword of sloppy seconds

Ball(s) on a stick

Spongy Pants

Oh wait... these are more promiscuous than wacky.... oh well lol

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Sword of Stabb-Stabby-Killy-Killy

Mace of Mashinging Keyboard

Bow of Medium Size

Long Short Bow of Length

Magical Wand and Magically Magical Magic

Witty Rapier

Boots of Walking

Single Legging of the Pirate

Body of Armour

Crown of Gold Rubishness

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Melon Shaped Breastplate

Long Stick of Poking

Large Cod Part Leggings

Mace of Crushing Coconuts

Large Wand of Pressure

Shivering Sword of Indurance

Wand of <InsertTrollWordsHere>

Shears of Haggis

Bags of Sweat (A chest plate)

Booties of Ass Kicking

Long Pointy Thing You Catch Stuff With (Rod)

Pony lance of Freindship

Magic Is Friendship Not $strev

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