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Tekkit-Server Admin-Plugins Help

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I tried the "search" but haven't found something really usefull. Im running a very small Tekkit server for about 2 weeks now, but im still working on setting everything up.

So I'm still looking for some plugins and how to use them. Especially Admin-Plugins.

What I did so far:

PermissionEx, NoCheat, LWC, ChatManager, Modifyworld. All working fine after some configuration.

I also tried to install WorldGuard, but somehow it doesn't work, although it shows up if I type /plugins.

I would also like to install some kind of logging tool. I know of "Logblock", but I can't find a version that fits to our current Craftbukkit Version 1.1 R4.

So my first question: Is there a Logging tool you recommend? What version of that tool?

second: Do you use WorldGuard? Does it work for you? What version are you using? (I tried the one for 1.1 R4 and the one before).

Thanks for any answers.

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You can and need to configure noCheat for thoose mods. For example, it prevents flying, although some items of EE provide flying. So people will be kicked if they try to fly. It also prevents Buildcraft Quarries from building their grid. But all thoose things you can configure.

@ saiek: what do you want with my .jar? noCheat and LWC are plugins that dont change the actual Tekkit.jar.

One hint for others: Often you can use the newest version of the plugins instead of the older version for Bukkit 1.1 R4. Just give it a try!

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