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Auto-Collect Parachest


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You mean from Galacticraft? There is no good way to automate anything from that mod, even the machines require crazy stunts to auto-feed. That mod is not a teamplayer at all.

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I managed to do this with a combination of the block breaker and the transition plane.


The thing is, if the parachest is picked up by a block breaker, it dropps it's contents, these can then be picked up by the transition plane (fuel is lost in this process)


how to build:

put a transition plane to the bottom where the chest lands (face up)

place a block breaker at one side (facing the chest when it lands)

build a cylinder 5-6 blocks high with 1 block air in the middle so the items can't spread to other blocks


don't forget to connect inventorys / AE to the block breaker / transition plane ;)

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