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Railcraft-compatible Turret cart


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Not sure if it would be possible, but I wonder if you could integrate some sort of turret cart, where "mounting" it gave you access to a cannon similar to the one from Balkon's weapon mod, and having a GUI to pre-load ammunition and other possible things needed to fire shots.

Perhaps even have varying ammunition, like cannon balls, eggs, snowballs, arrows, fireballs, etc.

How awesome would it be to do a drive-by egging of someone's house with a cannon? Or to have a moving mounted turret that shot snowballs at blazes in the nether?

I'm not great at programming and as of now, have little idea of what can be done in a mod, so I'm sorry if this seems unrealistic.

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Steve' carts

Only shoots arrows (I think), but something like that?

Similar, the GUI is nice, but that one is automated. I'd prefer ones where you can get a player, or multiple players, shooting turrets that they aim themselves.

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I remember seeing a turret mod for the technic pack which was compatible with technic last time I tried it.

Its not a rail turret but it comes with bout 5 or something different turrets ranging in strength and even including a controlled turret which you can fire.

I think its call Sanandreas turret mod or something. Maybe a simple google search may suffice.

There is also a cannon in balkons weapon mod that you can control and it shoots TNT. Unfortunately it was removed but you can try adding the mod to technic.

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