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Carbide Floodlight (Greg)


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Can't get mine to change direction, they mostly point sideways. Wrenching doesn't do anything. My goal is to have a bunch up high, shining down. I've made holes in the ceiling for them, but they won't face downwards. They will face upwards if placed on the floor. Anyone mess with these?



---hmm... had to place blocks above it, and fly DIRECTLY underneath the hole. Then it worked. 

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I've been using the regular Floodlights with pretty much the same issues. Temporarily place a block above the hole where you want the Floodlight to be, then aim through the hole at that block while placing. This should get it placed facing the correct direction. Remove the temporary block once it worked.

I guess since this mod is from the IndustrialCraft world (iirc), it will only respond to the IC wrench.


P.S.: Alright, you found out yourself. A Jetpack can help tremendously with that kind of construction.

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