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Help!!!!!! With tekkit server

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? What

Where does one even start? Wrong section (maybe, if there's even a legitimate bug) or just no useful information at all, crap grammar, no situational context like what you actually did, etc. Are you port forwarding or using a VPN creator like Hamachi? The low effort OP is so far past low effort I believe I may have fallen asleep for a second reading it. That's what you should be doing - reading. Elsewhere.

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So visually impaired BMX person, This is the 3rd time you've attempted to ask the forums about your server, we have provided multiple links, offered suggestions. Maybe there is no-one that can help you here?

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So I'm gonna print a basic list of things you apparently have done and your going to tell me what ones you have, or haven't done.

So, you've connected to your router(s)/modem/NTU/Gateway through your internet browser and have either set up DMZ or forwarded TCP port 25565 to your computer hosting the server.

You've also then Checked your computer's firewall to make sure your accepted incoming packets from port 25565.

Lastly but not least. You aren't giving your friends an IP address between –, –, – because they immediately get dropped once they hit external routers.

If any words in this does not make sense, wikipedia is your friend.

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