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Singleplayer World Not Showing in World Selection Window


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I have a ssp game I've been playing a lot, called "Karma Noredus." I can see the folder for it


C:TechnicmodpacksjclitesavesKarma Noredus


But when I launch Jclite and select singleplayer, it doesn't show up. An older world that I stopped playing caused I died so many times DOES show up, but not this one that I've been playing recently.


The last time I was playing Karma Noredus this afternoon, it just crashed out and went back to the launcher window. When I tried to reopen it it doesn't showup in the singleplayer 'Play Worlds' window.

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Thank you Kal! :)


ADDIT: yep that worked. Just recreating a world with the same name (I also set the same option settings, though didn't bother with setting the same seed) got me back to my old autosave point before it crashed.

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