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How can i change my skin in Tekkit Classic?


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hey guys.

i wanted to ask you how to change or refresh your skin in tekkit classic because Minecraft.net says you cant change them under the version 1.3, but some ppl still do and its not working for me :/ pls give me some opinions.

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I really dont want to do worthless posts but i want a skin and i just dont have an idea why i cant change the skin in tekkit classic. I did a few months ago and now it just changed the skin in minecraft, tekkit, tekkit lite but not tekkig classic. Does anybodyelse have a solution?

Ps: the older akin format didnt work too.

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You probably wont find a skin site out there that supports that old of a skin setup. You would have to find a more current one and modify the image to the older layout. Also, please be aware of this page by Mojang: https://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/articles/979200-minecraft-skins


It mentions 1.3 and previous will not reflect skin changes, which is why I suggested the original older layout attempt to see if it would work at all or if the back-end infrastructure changed so much that it wouldnt matter. (Remember: Future-proofing is hard, backwards proofing is easy)

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