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Thanks dude but I was looking for normal tekkit, not tekkit classic. If there is supposed to be a normal tekkit in there then the link might be worng or something

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Considering the age of that post I linked to being from 2012, tekkit classic was tekkit at that point in time. And tbh, was the only actual source of information i could find that had a listing of packs. And considering that thread then provides links to the individual pack threads - could very well have been updated to the more recent versions of tekkit or otherwise provide links to updated forms of them if someone took their project over.

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We did have that question on the forums a few times. The most commonly-used pack is Sphax PureBDCraft, and I >took the time to spell out how it can be patched for Tekkit. Not really hard.

Somebody else was nice and made a Tekkit version of the >Faithful x32 pack. And it seems that Soartex is also still available in a >usable version.


I tested Sphax and Faithful. They both work on 1.2.9e and 1.2.10.

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