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Medusa Cascade server

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Hello! Okay, I'm going to start over and create a new post. I don't even know how to delete my old posts. It's annoying. I hope Technic pack will work this flaw out.

Anyway, my name is DJ.


Anyone can join. There's no age limit. There's only 40 slots, but try to bear with me because 40 slots will become 60 slots in a week. Next month, it will be 100 slots. It's just money that's preventing me from upgrading my server.

It's a new brand world with a spawn town. You could join it, or create your new town. You will have chest protection and griefing protection. You can claim or rent out plots for players. It doesn't matter.

A spawn town will have a store where you can sell your items to make more money so you can create your town and nation.

I will even hire and pay crew to build arena so we can challenge, bet, and kill on each in arena.

The bottom line is, it's going to be fun server as long as we are staying on for months.

I hope I get to see you on!

The ip address is

The dynmap ip address is (Just type it in url)

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