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The portal gun mod

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OKe, Thanx

Let's hope it doesn't take that long anymore...

1.3 is looking to have a merged architecture between ssp and smp, so (except for any modders we lose to frustration over the change) all mods will be smp-compatible. I'm thinking...if they wait to release it until it actually works well, some time in July or August, and if they half-ass it, early June.

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However that would have to wait until tekkit 4 as i strongly doubt that tekkit would be delayed for minecraft 1.3.

Plus it will be a extra long time before the mod creators are able to release updates since full mod rewrites may be required.

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Yes, obviously, but I doubt there are very many mod-makers who are really going to try to write SMP code now (if they weren't already), being faced with learning a whole new architecture for SSP+SMP (because no, they don't have to just change a couple functions and it's just like now...it's a root canal) for the very next version.

Pretty much, either it's SMP already, or it will be SMP in 1.3.

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