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[1.6.4]Balance reborn modpack, a 'balanced' modpack with a custom mod twist.

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Hi! We are balance reborn. The modpack is made as a Balanced alternative to the other modpacks. We have a mix of mods that work together and are rather stable, working together to achieve a balanced way to get to the top! For example. on a other modpack you would be forced to participate in the core mod.. you don't you fall behind after all!


however. in BR, if you want to get for example strong weapons, you can do Blood magic, Ars magica, Thaumcraft, Tinkers or Better dungeons! You get the idea. A full mod list can be found on here:




the core mods are (except for the standard buildcraft IC2 etc.)

- Blood magic

- Mekanism

- Ars magica

- Hardcore ender

- Pneumaticraft

- Better dungeons

- Minechem

- BRPG, a custom mod that's about 40% done.

and many more you can find on that link!



The server itself


The server itself is hosted in western europe in the UK. the hosting has never let us down even on our previous servers (We are a server cluster holding 4+ servers with different packs that share chat) and we have 16GB ram for this particular modpack.





We have both american and European staff. though the majority is online in european timezones. We perform regular restarts every 6 hours and the downtime should never be longer than one or two hours. in the rare event we do indeed crash.


Main features

- Active staff

- A dedicated Developer

- A Big spawn city with buyable plots. 

- A big community (We're part of a server cluster with two other servers)




To connect to us you WILL need the Balance reborn modpack. simply open your technic launcher, press the big + and add this link: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/balance-reborn


when you've launched the pack the balance reborn server should already be in the server list! simply connect and start!


If you end up in an area with 4 portals. type /Server BR to get to the balance reborn server!





We've got two people, me and the server cluster owner, working on server stability and functionality. adding custom blocks to really complete the pack! Ensuring that it will never get stale. 


Custom mod

We're currently working on the development of a custom mod, this mod will allow people to choose a class and engage in pvp using class-specific weapons and spells. Currently we've added a means to get a class, a few cool 'misc' items and a few basic weapons. we plan on Launching the start of the mod near the end of this month, the mod is intended as an 'optional' pvp almost similar to the old MCMMO, but with less grinding. the mod IS however meant as a lategame thing, making sure there's always stuff to farm unlike the usual 'oh, i got 500000 iron.. cool.'



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