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Questions about wireless me networks


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1. Is there a way to boost the wireless access point range beyond 32-64 blocks, maybe a wireless range extender? Currently, with the wireless access terminal and wireless access point, the signal fades halfway across my base, which is quite small. The only way I can think of is to wire up multiple access points, but ideally, I'd like it to be wireless.


2. Is there any sort of way to be able to access my me network from anywhere (I know that stretching it a bit)? I'm aware of the quantum field ring stuff, but thats a bit too limited/expensive for me.


Thanks in advance

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1. To the best of my knowledge there is no current means to expand the range of a wireless access point beyond its current limit (including the boosters - 16 max allowed at the moment, if memory serves)  For in and near base use it is fairly common practice to sprinkle wireless access points about to maintain constant contact with the ME Network.  Unless you're really resource shy this shouldn't be overly burdensome.


2.  The short answer is "yes".  The long answer is "yes, but the solution is a little kludge-y".  I stumbled across it while searching for a different specific need but it does work.  The answer lies in Logistics Pipes and Ender Chests & Pouches.  First you need 2 pairs of Ender Chests of different colors each matched with an Ender Pouch.  These two pouches will act as your return and retrieval means.  The respectively matched Ender Chests are connected to your ME Network.


The "Return" Ender Chest/Pouch pair is very simple.  The Return Chest is simply attached to your ME Network via an Import Bus.  You can use the Basic Import Bus but if you can afford the diamond I find the Advanced Import Bus to be more convenient because it can import stacks at a time as opposed to individual items at a time.  Ultimately this choice is a matter of taste/need.   Anything your place in the "return" Ender Pouch will be placed into your ME Network - from any distance from any Dimension!  Hooohaah!


The Retrieval side of the equation is a bit more complicated and there may be a distance limit.  The first step it to attach a Provider Pipe from Logistics Pipes directly to one the ME Network blocks.  What I saw in the video was to attach the Provider Pipe to the ME Drive.  I don't know if you can attach it to the other ME blocks but you can experiment if you wish but attaching to the ME Drive block definitely worked.


Next you need to attach a "Remote Orderer Logistics Pipe" to the previously attached "Provider Pipe".  Now attach the other Ender Chest to the other end of the "Remote Orderer" pipe.  Finally you need to make a "Remote Orderer" also of Logistics Pipes.  Its a bit expensive to make early game (2 diamond gears).  Once you have the "Remote Orderer" right click it on the "Remote Orderer Logistics Pipe". This will now link the two items and will give you the ability to see everything in your ME network whenever you right click the "Remote Orderer".  Not only can you see what's in your ME Network you can "remote order" whatever is in your ME Network!  The "Remote Orderer Logistics Pipe" attached to you ME Network will deliver the ordered items to the attached Ender Chest which will also show in the matched Ender Pouch.


The Logistics Pipes wiki says the maximum distance is 2000 blocks and does cross dimensions!  I don't know if the 2000 block distance holds in Tekkit but even if it does that's a far sight more than the current limit of 32 blocks with the Wireless capabilities provided by the AE mod.


Good luck!




edit - for clarity

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2. There's also a way with ender chest/pouch and a ME sub-network but this works only with defined items.


you can define that you will need at all time in the pouch:

  • 1 stack of torches
  • 1 stack of food
  • 1 stack of wood
  • 2 stacks of IDK anything
  • etc.

When you pull a torch stack out, the system will automatically craft a new one and send it to your pouch.


The ender pouch size and your base size are the limits. The sub-network setup is taking up some space.

This is a simple 4 type supplier sub-network.

I once made this ugly thing and it works.


You carry two ender pouches the first as a 'send home' and the other as a 'I need food, torches and a quarry'.

You can also set the sub-network to automatically (fuzzy buses) charge your  capacitors/energy cells and send them to you again.


Edit: This solution has no distance / dimension limits.


Edit2: This needs fine tuning. Considering lag and stuff my setup always send me 66 items instead of 64 so I've set it to 62 items and I've got a full stack.

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Thanks for the reply, that infinite/2000 block range seul looks good enough for me. And don't worry about the diamonds needed, as I have a 64x64 quarry and about a stack of diamonds.

Also thanks bochen, although I think I'll use the former suggestion, it looks a bit cheaper to make, and let's me order anything I want.

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