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[CLOSED][OFFLINE][DEAD][1.0.12A]RocketPenguin's Imagination[PVE, Optional PVP][70 Slots][Whitelist]-Create What You Imagine

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First off, this is my first time running a server, so beyond technical things (Installing plugins, working with server files, etc) I have little to no clue what i am doing. With that said, bare with me.

I started a server just because i thought it would be fun, and had a little extra pocket cash i decided to spend on hosting one for a few months (I probably wont spend more than 3 months paying for the server with my own money. If i get donations by chance, that would lengthen uptime, but that's all in the future.) Anyway. Down to business.

This server has optional PvP and Greifing, which means you can request to go peaceful. No changing back and forth. Minimum wait time between changing is two weeks.

Small list of rules at this time being:

  • No duping, or exploiting glitches.
  • Respect staff.
  • Don't make lag machines.
  • Be happy, positive, etc.
  • No racial, or sexual discrimination.
  • Keep language to a minimum.
  • Build far away from spawn.

This list will probably be expanded over time.

Basically, you start out in spawn, currently nothing special, you have a basic kit of stone tools, leather armor, and a small amount of food. Server is on hard mode, and you basically do whatever.

This server is more intended for free play, do whatever you want, minimal banned items type of server. Speaking of banned items, currently the band list is:

  • Sacred Rubber tree sapling

Yea. That's it. Until later notice, or until something becomes an issue, that is all that is banned. All mods are operational.

Major plugins include:

  • Vault
  • PermissionsEx
  • Multiverse (Will probably have a resource world)
  • iConomy
  • CoreProtect
  • DrugMeUp
  • PwnFIlter
  • Essentials
  • HeavySpleef
  • SignShop
  • Factions
  • PvPManager
  • BattleArena
  • ArenaPaintball

I also plan on having an admin shop, some player shops, and few arenas for spleef, paintball, pvp, etc.

Currently, beyond a spawn that was acquired from http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/server-spawn-2471236/  there is near to nothing on the actual world, but this will change, as i am quite busy currently and building isn't something i am the best at (Hint hint, i could always use a builder or two...)

I plan on it running 24/7.

It is a whitelist, just comment if you would like to join. I may remove whitelist later, but because i still haven't worked the kinks out, i need players who know what they are doing, and will play for more than just one hour and leave.

The ranking system goes by amount you play, and behavior on server. I will personally rank people up, a plugin will not be doing it (such as autorank).

This is all still a work in progress, and so there will be things that aren't implemented yet (No functioning arenas yet. Nor are there donor ranks.) Just give my server and I a chance, and i will do my best at keeping it all working and running smoothly.

Server IP:

Just message me with your username, about how much time you will spend on the server per week, and if you know a few things on servers, it wouldn't hurt letting me know. I will try and add you to the whitelist as fast as possible, and will notify you when i have done so. If i may have left anything out on this thread, or have some way i could drastically improve, let me know!

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hey that sound like its just what i am looking for !!! add me in please

IGN: flamehatdude

You have been added. Note: The server is dying/dead. You are the only player currently, and the end of my server billing cycle is on the first. Knock yourself out. If you can get a few more friends in the next few days, i may just host it for another month. Beyond that, after the first of October, it is going offline. Sorry about that. No one has been willing to join, thus no reason to continue hosting.

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