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An image heavy tale of sadness and incaution.

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Listen, children. Hear a tale of sadness and woe.

It's an image heavy tale of neglectful inattention and cautionary warnings. A reminder to pay attention to what you click, and to back up your worlds often.

This is not a bug report, because what happened was the result of carelessness and inattention, not a bug.

I had recently been playing with the Dev build, and had backed up my save. I couldn't get it working, so I went back to playing the version I normally do. For some reason, the best performance I have been able to get has been with the Technic 6.1.1 build for Minecraft 1.2.3. It's got a few updated mods and the new features. My specs aren't the greatest, and I'm on a 32 bit OS, so I have some problems. I found the right combination of settings though, and I've been playing for a few weeks in a lovely world.

I spawned in a jungle, beneath a Millenaire holy man and giant tree, and set to work carving my fortress into the hillside. I've never been one for much decoration, so my build was functional more than aesthetic. I had started polishing up the place with marble floors, and had what I thought were some pretty good automation and mod gameplay going.

I'd love to be able to show it off. But I can't. Because I'm stupid. After restoring my save, I deleted my backup. And then I emptied the recycle bin. And then the bad thing happened. I had unchecked "include savegames" when making backups, because the files were piling up. But when it asked if I wanted to update Spoutcraft, I thought nothing of it and clicked OK. After all, I'd just made a backup, right? How we forget so quickly...

When I loaded my world after the update, I noticed something had gone very wrong. I'll let the images tell the story. You'll have to use your imagination somewhat. It's not a pretty picture.

We approach the hillside, or "Base One" as it used to be marked on local maps. The large Rubber Tree grove which used to crest the hill is now missing.


A casual glance down the valley doesn't seem to show anything amiss...


A small indoor farm seems to be intact.


The entry way seems fine as well...


Nothing much to go wrong in the bedroom...


But through the door into the work room, all horror and woe await...


The multitude of project tables is gone. Transmutation tablet vanished. The input chest for the sorting system disappeared.


Every mod item is gone. You're looking at the remains of an elaborate Redpower2 sequential sorting network.


The tubes were brightly painted and the chests were alchemical blue.


The automated nether portal is still active, but no longer lights as you approach, or shuts off as you leave. The lumar lighting that changed color the closer you got no longer shines.


The Thaumatorium is gone, the crystal farm that spread up the walls and onto the ceiling will never again tinkle its mystical music.


The variable enchanting library still works, but the Thaumic Enchanter which gave me such powerful weapons and armor is no longer in service.


There are many other sad screenshots of this terrible occurrence, but it pains me too much to continue, unless the people should ask for it. It's just more pictures of what might as well be a vanilla world with some odd cutouts in the walls and a few signs floating in midair. All mod items in the world have been stripped, and it's nothing but a shell of its former self. I could go on, I suppose, travelling into new terrain, with new generation... it might only have happened in the loaded chunks. But everything I built was right here, and I haven't the hearts to continue it. I might as well have been playing hardcore. It would have been less painful.

Let this be a lesson to you, friends and neighbors: Be careful with your save worlds. Some times they don't just vanish. Some times they linger on in horrible memory.

sssshame it had to happen to such a nice world.

RIP Survival 6.1.1

*clicks Create New World*

Here we go again!

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