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Industrial Warfare|Custom Modpack Server|Whitelisted|SMP|Factions|Small Community|24/7|


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My name is Kraz, or ICallHax, I am here today, to introduce you to my custom modpack server!


The Modpack

The modpack consists of 65 mods in total. It is a Industrial Warefare themed modpack. We have mods like ICMB, Modular Force Field, Minefactory reloaded, Mekanism, Galactic Craft, etc. You can find and download it here http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/icallhaxs-industrial-warfare


The Server

The server is a whitelisted 24/7 server, which aims to get players to form small teams gather resources and build defenses, as well as arm them selves with weaponry. 

Every week there will be a "Purge" so to say. During this Purge, players will be allowed to raid, attack other people, and fire missiles/explosives at the other players and teams.

When there is no Purge players will need to get a job, like space mining, power provider, etc.


-No raiding (other then during Purge)

-No PVP (Other then during Purge)

-Players must get a job, and provide other players with their jobs resorce.

-You must be over 13 years of age to apply for whitelist

-Follow the additional rules once you join.


How to get whitelisted

To get white listed you must apply here: 


NOTE: ----You may not get in----

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