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Not sure if this is a bug or not


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I made a new account to ask this, not sure if it is a bug or not, but I am playing a single player game on 1.2.9e and when I click the item icons at the side, instead of a recipe, it spawns a stack of that item. Is this normal? I started a new survival world just to make sure I didn't set it to creative by accident, and was able to replicate this issue.

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The mod you are encountering here is called NEI (Not Enough Items). It doubles as a block lexicon and cheating tool, and for some reason it is set to cheat mode by default in Tekkit (if you have admin/op rights or are in singleplayer). You can change this in NEI config inside the game by switching to recipe mode. That way, clicking around will only show you recipes, not shower you in items.

In cheat mode, you can still access recipes by hovering over a block (either in the full list or in inventory) and pressing R.


In short: Not a bug, just a questionable default configuration.

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One thing additional to Curunirs post, in cheat mode, R is used to see their recipes yes, but U is also used to see the items uses. Just be aware of the "U" feature as well. These keys can be customized in-game as well via the options button in the bottom left.

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