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Tekkit server griefing

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Have a Tekkit server it's doing well and like usual someone came on and griefed looking at the log it was logged under BuildCraft my qustion is can any BuildCraft item be used to greifed plz help! D: i my beautiful server!

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I would suggest these. (They helped for me)

  • [li]A Whitelist. (Allows you to write players names on a .txt file in your server folder. It will boot anyone who's player name is not on the list, so add people on the list who you trust.)[/li]

    [li]Install a plugin that allows you to 'blacklist' certain items. (Players will get booted if they create the certain 'blacklisted' item.) This would be helpful if you figure out what / who griefed you server.[/li]

  • [li]BACK YOUR WORLD UP!!! I CANNOT stress this enough. If takes virtually seconds, and saves you a lot of trouble.[/li]

Link to 'blacklist' an item(s) plugin : http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/misc-nocraft-v0-3-1-disable-certain-crafting-recipes-1060.22272/

How to install plugins : http://wiki.bukkit.org/Installing_Plugins

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