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  1. No Problems. It happens to me when i spawn in an item with the item id and I get it wrong. So always double check the item ID before spawning it in :)
  2. Probably best to wait until Tekkit 3.0 comes out as some mods are going, some are coming in as new, item ids are bound to be changed somewhere, so to save effort and work doing it twice, should probably wait. But on the otherside Tekkit 3.0 could take a while still to come out
  3. AFAIK there is no central bug trackign platform, i think the forums work fine Also Crafting Table II is extremely bugged and should be disabled on any production server
  4. Try deleting the file world/players/mrthesplit22.dat See if that solves it as there may be a buggy item in your inventory, ive had it happen to me
  5. As witht eh last converter, I think it will be up to someone in the community to make one
  6. Did you manually change the block ID to begin with as it shouldnt be changed. Installing a fresh Tekkit should fix it, because if you do change the block ids, each client would have to do the same im pretty sure
  7. First set check-metadata: true in modifyworld/config.yml Then in the permissionsex/permissions.yml - modifyworld.* That MUST be below all negative statements, keep it at the very bottom and put all other permissions above it
  8. Just best to not ask and do it, ive never heard of a server getting a Cease & Desist letter because of it
  9. Are you running version 2.1 of MobCatcher. That's the one compatible with bukkit 1.1-R4 which is what tekkit uses http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mobcatcher/files/19-mob-catcher2-1/ If you are running that version and errors still persist simply remove the plugin
  10. If the block ids are the same from tekkit 2.1.1 to tekkit 3.0 then saving a mcedit schematic then importing it should technically work
  11. Can you post more of the log before the crash happens
  12. There a tonne of topics on this already. Please search for PEX, ModifyWorld or Permissions EX on these forums for the answer
  13. It uses Minecraft 1.1 with Bukkit Version 1.1-R4