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I have recently started playing Attack of the B Team with a few friends and I love working with villagers. I have played Direwolf20 and SkyFactory, and they both have villagers, from all of the mods that include new villager types.


I was looking through the villagers that could come to into the world and I noticed there was a villager missing... No blue robed villager. (the tinkerer's construct villager)


I was in shock...

I went to single player and spawned hundreds of villagers... Not one blue robed tinkerer's construct...


Am I doing something wrong?

Is it supposed to be there?

Is there a way to enable the villager if the modpack disabled it?


I miss the blue robes...

The nose...

The sounds...

The trades...


Any info would help.



And if I am wrong and it is there... Feel free to let me know and don't hold back.


Thank you

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If you disable necromancy (there is no config setting to disable the village portion of it, sadly) by removing it, the villages can be re-enabled most likely without crashing (necromancy is the cause of this particular issue, but it does not mean other crashes may not show itself). However, if you were to go this route of removing necromancy, this makes it a custom modpack, and all future issues would need to be put into the platform pagoda, also with the removal of necromancy mod, joining hexxit servers would fail as necromancy is needed on the server and client sides in order to connect properly - eliminating multiplayer servers as an option unless the server itself has removed necromancy.



(FYI: This post is true to all 1.6.4 modpacks that use necromancy, including hexxit, issue i believe was resolved in the 1.7.x versions)

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This is a small little server run by a friend that about 4 people total play on, so if needed, he can remove it. I don't need the villages to spawn, I just want the Tinkerers Construct villager back. So my question is, could disabling necromancy possible bring it back? Or is that not known yet?

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Disabling necromancy would be required to ensure no crashing happens when villages are re-enabled (theyre presently disabled in all biomes o plenty biomes [nix one i believe, mightve just been missed by mistake]) so in order to even find a village now, they would have to be located in a village that spawns under vanilla minecraft generations (very very rare) or the BOP config set to enable the spawning of villages again. Even if a village was found under these circumstances, no tinkers construct village stuff would be there since that was disabled as well (due to the issues previously mentioned) The only other way to get them in the game (if they are not disabled via the config somehow) is spawning them in via the spawn villager egg - as they have a low chance to spawn them.


Edit: Looked at the TCon config, there is no setting in there that disables them directly, but since they spawn in with village generation, the config would need to be edited to enable the tcon stuff to spawn in again (including villagers):

B:"Add Village Generation"=false

That line in the config being the one needing to be turned to true as well as the biomesoplentyterraingen.cfg allow villages section needing their values back to true.

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