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B-team will launch but can't enter.


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Type of Bug: In-Game Bug
Reproduction rate: 10/10
Steps to reproduce:
Opened Technic Launcher

Selected Attack of the B-Team

Clicked Play

Launcher disappeared

Mojang screen comes up

Click Single Player

Message "Shutting down Internal Server" shows

Log shows I have insufficient memory

Launcher reappeared
Expected result: B-Team should completely load
Observed result: B-Team launcher appears or
Logs: Launcher Log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8436025/


Additional Comments:

Until about a month ago (approx when the last java update occurred) I was able to connect to B-team but it was very very laggy. Played on a server with two other friends, who had no issue (one of them hosted the server). Since then I have installed both 32 and 64 bit java (I run 64 bit Windows 7). I suspect java update has affected them now too. I run with 4 GB RAM, and have increased incrementally to 3GB in the launcher, but it always says I ran out of memory. I sincerely doubt this is the case but what do I know? I have also updated to Minecraft 1.8 and updated B-team when prompted. I have tried using the latest build, the recommended build, and attempted to use a manual choice (it didn't show me any choices and I don't have the wherewithal or patience to figure it out) of B-team


I have uninstalled the recent java and reinstalled java 7.67 now (32 and 64 bit versions as I use 32 bit browser mostly). Vanilla minecraft works (have only tried single player) but B-team has the same error. Previously I have played Tekkit Lite on 1 GB and it seemed fine (same two guys, different guy hosted the server, they had no issues).

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