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Tekkit Classic Skin will not change - Help Please


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Just bought account for my daughter and when we created her account she created her avatar (skin) in Mincraft which is at version 1.8, when we launch Tekkit Classic it says the Minecraft version is 1.2, we downloaded the newest version, and the new version of the launcher but her skin from Minecraft is not coming over to Tekkit Classic, what else do we have to do?  We have updated everything according to the Tekkit Support Forums, but her skin in Tekkit Classic is the default, not the one she created.


I read that it is suppose to pull from Minecraft but it is not.  What am I missing?  The launcher we downloaded is 439 but when you run the launcher in the left corner is says Minecraft version 1.25 but Minecraft version that is installed is 1.8 so what does the version number on the launcher actually look at?


Help please.

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Mojang has an official message regarding skins no longer working in minecraft pre-1.3, and that anything pre 1.7.9 can take some time to actually update.


You can read more about this here https://help.mojang.com/customer/portal/articles/979200-minecraft-skins


Please note that there is a method to make a skin work locally only (multiplayer servers will not see the skin change, and may affect all players to show in the skin) in this old of version, but give me a moment to compile a list of steps and ill edit this post.


Edit: Updated the above line for some clarification


Edit 2: Here's that list of instructions,

  1. Rename skin file to char.png (if it isn't in a .png format, open it into an image editor and save-as to a png)
  2. Visit the following directory: .technicmodpackstekkitbin
  3. Open the minecraft.jar into an archive application (WinRAR, 7Zip, IZArc)
  4. Navigate to mob folder there
  5. Drop in the renamed char.png file for the skin, overwriting.

The change should now be affected in-game (please note: 1.8 skin files may not appear correctly due to the additional information in them, if this is the case, please see this image: '> and read about the skin template changes and such on the wiki page for minecraft: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Skin and edit the image to be on the older style, this should just mean resizing the height down to the older size as the skin files width hasnt changed)

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