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Just to beat all the others.

Post in the right threat, if you just scroll down a bit you'll see the tekkit section.

speed is nice, but if you're gonna try and tell people what to do, at least use the right terms and spell them right. I believe, "thread" was the word you were looking for, which doesn't even fit in that context.

OP, despite word choice problems, he's right. you're more likely to get a response in the general tekkit section. in fact, after I go check to make sure you haven't reposted already, I'll move this topic for you.

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Back in the days when I ran a server, I did have a plugin that did that. I think it was risugami's but I shan't check that.

Alternatively you can use NEI and manually pick them up and replace them (or spawn them in)

If you actually want the world to generate dungeons with, say, blazes in... pass. I don't know.

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Pretty sure no matter what you pick from NEI you get a pig spawner in tekkit 2.1 . Solution is spawn in a pig spawner, close down server, load world in MCEdit, click on spawner, change properties to spawner you actually want, save, start server up.

I don't know any other easier way personally, unless you actually want a pig spawner :). I can't remember if spawners can be altered/created properly with worldedit and aren't somewhere I can test it atm but that's another possibility. Grab a wooden axe (assuming you didn't change wand), turn on item IDs in NEI (go into NEI options and change IDs option) then note down the ID of the spawner you want, left click then right click on same block (make sure it says 1 block selected) then type //set ID where ID = the number you noted down.

Can't promise it'll work though. If the id is a number then colon then another number it definitely won't work in worldedit eg 232:12.

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Thank you Im sorry that i posted in the wrong section

When i tried altering the spawner that bonfire01 Suggested i recived following error. (Please note that i have not done any special configurations to the server.)

Java.lang.IllegalaccessError: tried to access field net.minecraft.server.TileEntityMobSpawner.mobName from class org.bukkitcraftbukkit.block.CraftCreatureSpawner

i tested whit using //set id 52 and //set id 52:52 i tried almost every spawner and got the same error

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In that case you'll have to change the spawner in MCEdit. Just download the software and grab a youtube tutorial or 2 on it's use. It definitely works for altering spawner properties cause i've used it to do just that. Spawn in a pig spawner with NEI first (they'll all become pig spawners) save and stop server then run MCEdit.

One note.... when you run MCEdit you need to click on open level not open world. Open world will just list your single player games. So open level, navigate to server files, opoen level.dat in main world folder and edit the spawner in question.

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Im running a tekkit server ( newest uppdate )

Are there possible to eddit the Mob spawners using the orginal tekkit server?

if not and i need a mod to do it. Where can i find it and how do i install it esy :)

Take the world folder and put it in your .techniclauncher/tekki/saves folder. Then NEI the spawner in to the world. Then place it where you want it then save and quit.

Take the world folder out and put it back in your server folder.

Oh yes, and your server has to be offline during the process.

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