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  1. Well... This is the off topic section, why don't ya tell us? :)
  2. I think FML was made to be compatible with ALL existing Modloader mods, even JAR mods can just go in the mods folder. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that was my impression of FML.
  3. It was probably a dev build and therefore no official server bundle exists for it, yet.
  4. I was gonna give some help to the OP, but perhaps I'll withhold it.
  5. I believe those are just ambient noises that occur when a unlit small hole exists near by.
  6. Thank you, kind sir. That's just what the doctor ordered.
  7. Oompa Loompa? That's being kind, she deserves worse.
  8. While this is a pretty solid, I highly doubt the pack author got permission from IChun for the Portal Mod. Because, if I remember correctly, IChun said he'd never give anymore pack authors permission to include his mod in their pack. But that hasn't stopped anyone before. (DNS Tech pack...)
  9. Residence is way better than Towny, tons more options I think, I too use it on my Tekkit server.
  10. Only the Nano Sword can "easily" bust through Quantum Armor. And even that takes a while, but it is worth it, PvP-wise, because it will totally destroy the Quantum Armor, not just drain the charge. Closest thing I could think of that matched your request.
  11. Leave in EE2 and use the Show Case Standalone shop plugin. Way cooler than Chest Shop IMO.
  12. It won't work. I'm sorry, but Forge API and and all kinds of shaders conflict. They both edit the same base class files. Bug the shader developers for fixes.
  13. Even simpler, provided you have Essentials installed: Point at spawner with your reticule and type /spawner MOBNAMEHERE. That's how I do it.
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