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Add mods to AOTBT


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Im running a Attack of the Bteam server and I have 2 questions: (im a newb)


1. When I logon the server im can see there are updates to some mods - How do I update those mods (server side/Client side)


2. Can I add mods to the AOTBT server if I wanted to?


Have a nice day out there

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number 1 I cant really help with 


number 2, thou add whatever you like to make the pack your own. Doubtfull that any new mods would ever be added to the pack by the creators but as has always been said here, add and or remove whatever you like to make it what you want it to be. 

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Updates to mods can also be for versions of the mod are no longer for 1.6.4 (project red, for example, is no longer supporting 1.6.4 but there is a notification of an update, because the mod updated to 1.7.x) - updating mods would simply going to get the updated version of the mod, going into the mods folder, removing the older versions file, and putting in the updated one.


Adding mods to a modpack is simply dropping them in the mods folder, and done on both client and server side (if it isnt a client-only mod! minimaps, and HUD stuff is generally client-only, for example) - Make sure you sync the configs up from both client and server sides otherwise you will most likely run into ID mismatches.


Please note that changing mods from the norm makes it a custom modpack and any issues experienced with custom modpacks belong in the platform pagoda section of the forums.

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