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General sugestion.

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It's that fact that the normal sized GUI Does not fit twice the amount of inventory space especially with Armour in it too, I know he can change the GUI size but that is what that whole post was about; other ways to fit it all in. One of the idea's I would consider him looking at is that there should be like a button to flick to the other part of the inventory, easy access and easy to dump all unwanted items in it; Then maybe have bags or such that you can craft that adds more pages in your inventory.

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I'm considering a few things, some of which can be combined. Basically, I'm thinking I'll make each bag 3x3, but display multiple bags at a time depending on the gui. So for vanilla Minecraft guis, since they each have a 9x3 window into your inventory, I could display 3 bags at once and add a little slider to view more; this has the advantage of working with existing texture packs. For the existing armor/inv screen, split it into two screens-- one to equip and one to view inventory. The former would be exactly like the existing H/M inv screen, minus the crafting grid and plus another bag viewable at once. The latter would be a screen with your stats on the right, action bar on the bottom, a crafting grid, and as many bags viewable as possible. Still thinkin' about it, though.

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Sad news from me : Pc got KO'ed and i lost all my work at improving h/m.I had a prototype for my sugestion,and was going to post it here.

Though I'm trying to make a drawing in paint/PShop or any other software of my gui design.

And thanks for the reply Friz :D

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