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People are Hyped Morons


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I swear, this happens EVERY year:

Newsguy - And today the Truck union will go on strike, this may affect shops in some degree and a few wares may not show on the


Public reaction - OMFG No More WARES?? We Gotta Hurry and stock supplies rightaWay!!

This shit happened 6-7 years ago, it was no big problem but still got hyped.

Today - Farmers on strike in Norway, might affect flour production.

Public reaction? - Guess what happened to the bread section on every shop, minor or major, in Oslo. TODAY!

Empty, finito, blown away...Not one single scrap of bread...

And this circus keeps going on and on... Why?

Im not asking why media creates hype. Media is media.

But why does every single person believe the end-of-the-world scenario will incur?

Why do we believe the worst and follow the rest of the herd to the edge of the cliff and jump?

If we lived in war or poverty, or both, I would understand. But im not talking about underdeveloped countries.

Im talking about well-developed, wealthy and organised countries that always has extra supply depots. Not even kidding about that, you would be surprised what a truck driver like myself gets the info. from other truck drivers

I bet tomorrow the next headline would be:

Due to increased pricing of rubber and the current low-sales of condoms, the condom factory will decrease its production.

Young teenagers - OmFG wE ned to buy lOtS of CondOms even if wE only hav sex 2-3 times a year. (mere speculation)

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