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Free for all no rules server!!! Duping, pvp, and raiding is allowed!!!

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This is the server everyone has been waiting for... A server that supports duping in as many items as you want! Come join us for free for all survival in a land where you get to make up your own rules! With no safe zones or special benefits for 'special' players everyone is equal. So come play at:

Notice: you may have to launch TPPI by selecting manually select a version and clicking 1.1.2a.

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Generally speaking,


all servers need rules. even if its just as simple as NO greifingspawn, -or- No spawn killing.


otherwise, people will spam chat, hack, spawn kill, ...if you allow people to do as they please, ....your only inviteing the greifers and hackers to join your server. You likely wont get any longtime loyal players that will donate or support as they'll move onto servers that have rules to protect players plots.. or give them some what of a safe place to store there loot or build.


I used to run a HEXXIT server, that only had 2 rules. very simple and easy to abide by...because of atleast having those 2 rules. I was able to gain a loyal fan base of players who still hangout and play on our community.

and its been over a year since we opened.


If you want to be sucsessful in running a server, I would highly recommend adding atelast 1 or 2 rules. for people to abide by.


But, then again.. .. its an interesting concept. I not aware of any servers that have no rules at all. and allow anything. Im very curious to see how your server will turn out ...

Good luck to you :)

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Also, I can tell you that as our community grew and we attracted a larger pool of loyal players,


many of those long time players would ask me repeadtly to add a few more rules... like respect staff or something...


after 2 months of discussions, voting, and polls. we finally landed on 5 simple rules that everyone would be happy with , but wouldn't restrict the players from enjoying the server..


I would recommend adding rules similar to these atleast...


1) no spamming chat with anything. - You'd be surprised how many people will leave your server when you don't have rules against this. since,

if you ban someone for spamming, and you have no rules against it.. you are falsely banning them. and basically making this an UNSAID rule.

People will get banned for doing things..that your not saying theres rules against...they will reply to this forum saying the server owner lies, they ban you for anything.. ect ect...
(This is one of the most common rules that all servers use)


2) No greifing in the spawn area. (there are ways to exploit or bypass protections sometimes, and if you make no rule against it, then ban someone from greifing at spawn.. tech..you had no right to ban them)


3) Repsect Staff Members. ( generally speaking, if staff aren't respected,...IE trieing to build something or work on something, and players are harassing them in chat or by getting in there way.....

 it can lead to a lot of banning and upset players that will complain to you and tell everyone that the server is horrible due to staff)


4) Do not Harrass Other Players. ( if they ask you leave them alone, do so) - this is a general rule on most servers.


5) No Spawn Killing ( this is a common rule on most servrers, though, we don't have this on ours. If you set up your protections right, you don't need to add this rule.)


6) Genearlly speaking, all players prefer to have some form of protection so they can build, and come back atleast with a 50% prob. there there build will still be there.

     I recommend use factions or "grefprevention" plugins as there easy to setup and adjust. and allow you also to protect your server spawn area.

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