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Big power hot? what on voltz 3.1.2?


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So there is nothing like Big Reactors and this mod screams for copious amounts of energy.  So what are the options?


Oil just exhausts so fast, you end up feeding the refinery 100% of your time...

Coal, ditto

Lava?  hmmm

Reactor, but it chews uranium up as well...


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You could try fusion, but it tends to glitch and stop producing power after a while. It then requires a complete dismantle and reassembly to work again.

I haven't tested fulmination output yet. It might be a good source of power given a large enough accelerator.

Other than these hooking up a lava fabricator to a ton of magmatic dynamos is your best bet.

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I got a Tesseract link going, lava from the nether, copius energy now 




I got lucky though initially picked a spot right over large lava lakes I drained them..........boy did I use lava.  Spent ages hunting endermen on the floor of a quarry, as it ran I died so many times it isnt funny.  I think you need something like 37 or 38 ender eyes!




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